Feb 23, 2015

we've moved to a new host!

It's been too long since I've blogged. I've pretty much taken well over a year off, but 2015 is the year I make my come back. The new site will be a bit different than the old blog. I don't plan on doing as many step by step tutorials (there are soooo many good tutorial blogs already out there), but I do plan on still sharing my passion for creating, along with our newer journey into veganism, our oily regime, being a small business owner/mom and all the inspirations.

I hope, whether you've been a long time follower of my blog or just stopped by from Pinterest you'll come on this journey with me.

I'll be keeping this blogger blog up, for all those old DIY posts you all love, but if you would like to keep up with us check out kristanlynn.com - it's still being updated, so please bear with me on this new transition.

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Mar 17, 2013

geometric mobile [a trendy diy mobile]

So I found myself with 3 sleeping kids... all at once this afternoon (insert singing angels here).  We've finally transitioned Stone out of his crib... 2.5 years old... the size of a 5 year old... yea... it was time. And after the pediatrican looked at me like I was on crack because Abel was still sleeping in his rocking bassinet, I figured it was time to transition him into the crib. This meant we needed a new mobile. The Dream Catcher mobile I made for Stone is still around.. somewhere, but all the feathers have been picked apart by little fingers and I wanted something new. 

I've been totally drooling over Simon & Ruby's new line. Especially all the new geometric necklaces. The Maggie necklace was the inspiration behind the new mobile.

This was super fast and easy to put together. I promise.. if I can do it, you can too. AND it was FREE, because I had everything on hand. If you had to buy all the supplies, it'd probably cost about $10 total, at most!

Here's what you'll need:

• Felt [I used 6 different colors, you can use as many or little colors as you'd like]

• Embroidery Floss 

• Needle

• Embroidery Hoop [only the inner part]
• Liquid Stitch [or any other fabric glue. Super glue would probable work too]

STEP 1: Cut triangles. I cut way too many! I ended up using 68 triangles. I found the most time efficient way to cut these is to draw a triangle onto cardstock and use it as a template. Then trace a line of them down the felt. Just stack up your felt, a few pieces at a time, and cut them all together.

After getting them cut out, you can lay them out to see how you want to string them. Make it random, color blocked or ombré, the choiice is yours.

STEP 2. String the triangles. I peeled away one piece of thread from the floss. Around 1 yard in length. Put three stitches in the triangle, slide it down the floss and grab the next one to be strung.

There are 7 triangles per strand. 9 strands and 1 bunting.

The bunting is done the same way, but instead of stitching through the center, you stitch a long the top.

STEP 3: Take two pieces of embroidery floss and form a +. Set your hoop over the +.  Wrap each of the 4 loose strands around where it touches the hoop a few times. Once all four pieces are wrapped, grab the 4 loose ends and lift the hoop. This will form the hanging part. Make sure the hoop is level and tie a knot at the top of the strings.

STEP 4:  Start tying the strands of triangles to the embroidery hoop. I placed one in the center. and 8 evenly spaces around the hoop. Try to gauge how long you want them to hang. This isn't that big of a deal yet, but don't make them too short!!! You can trim them up later.

Tie the bunting between two strands from the hanging part.

STEP 5: Once everything is tied up (double knotted) go through and place the triangles how you want them... moving them up or down. Once you have it how you want it, trim off the loose ends at the bottom, pretty close to the bottom triangle.

STEP 6:  To keep everything in place, dab some liquid stitch over the knots and stitches. There isn't really a need to do this to every triangle, as they stay pretty well. But, dabbing it along the bottom triangles would ensure no triangles fall off.

That's it. 2 hours, start to finish... tops.

Super simple, super trendy. Would make a fun handmade gift for the expectant mom! 

If you make one, I'd love to see it, share your post or link to a picture in the comments.

xoxo (i always whisper "Gossip Girl" after typing that... FYI)

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** for those that have inquired, my handmade dolls are available @ stitchedvintage.com

Jan 2, 2013

My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

I often get questions about what photo editing apps I use. I've tried dozens upon dozens, and have deleted most of them. I figured I'd share the ones I still have in my phone. These ones made the cut.

1. Instagram- I'm sure you already knew this. I mean, who doesn't have IG nowadays, besides Craig, because he's too cool for school. (@kristanlynn) It's becoming a huge social media tool for bloggers and even Etsy shops. I rarely use it to edit photo's, but when in a hurry, the valencia filter is my fav.

Usually, I'll take the picture with my the normal camera app and upload into:

2. Afterglow- A must have! It has tons of awesome filters and textures. The app filters are designed in Photoshop, so it's really an amazing app for phone pics! It has a cropping tool, fun borders and allows you to manipulate many things such as saturation, brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. 

Now I might leave it like that, or if I'm looking for more textures, I'll upload the  saved pic above into:

3. PicsPlay Pro- Awesome texture! It's the best bokeh effect app I've found (I've downloaded and paid for atleast a dozen)!

AND, we all know I like to over edit my photo's. HAH. So 9 times outta 10, I'll upload the above photo into:

4. LensLight- which has the best light leaks for tweaking images and adding depth.

If I want to collage images I use:

5. PicFrame- which has over 60 collage templates to choose from. I also use it to add text to my photo's.

Nov 27, 2012

DIY Keepsake Ornaments | a Christmas Gift

I have been planning these ornaments for awhile now. As Adelyn and I were searching for sea shells on our vacation, I envisioned them. And they turned out just as I imagined.

What you need:
clear glass bulb (Michael's or any craft store)
sand and sea shells (optional)
twine or ribbon (optional)
any other embellishment you can think of.

How I made them:
I started out by using this tutorial to print mini poloroids.

I poured a little sand into the glass bulb and added some tiny sea shells. (which we had saved from Siesta Key beach)
Gently roll the photo (like you would a treasure map) and insert into the bulb. 
Use tweezers to maneuver everything how you want it. I also used the end of a skinny paint brush to help move and flip things.
Add fabric or washi tape (in my case fabric tape) around the top and you're done.
It really is that easy! And it's the perfect Holiday gift for close friends and relative.

For the second ornament pictured, I just placed the photo into the bulb, and pushed a long string of jute inside using tweezer to manipulate it where I wanted.

If you wanted to display them all year, just place a cork in the top. I wrapped my cork with fabric tape, because it was a tad too small, after adding the tape it fit perfectly. You can glue a little washer on the bottom, which will keep it standing upright, or take a Frappuccino cap, wrap with fabric and set it in there (like pictured).

I hope you feel inspired to make your own special keepsake ornament! The possibilities are endless and you can really use anything that you can fit into the bulb.
I would love to see them if you make any, so feel free to share on Facebook.

Linked up with Kimmie over @ Sugar and Dots What I Whipped Up Wednesdays.

Sep 27, 2012

A Cupple with Sparkling Cider | Recipe

cup·ple  [kuhp-uhl] noun: a cup made out of an apple.

These are so easy to make, and would add such a cute touch to any fall festivity you have planned!

To make the apple cup:  Cut off the top of an apple. Use a melon baller to scoop out the inside, leaving about a 1/4" around the edge. Rub the edges with lemon juice to prevent the apple from browning
Easy peasy.

Sparkling Cider Recipe: 1 part cider. 1 part cranberry juice. 1 part sparkling water.

Add a cinnamon stick and VOILA!

*The cinnamon stick is pretty important, as it adds to the flavor of the sparkling cider. If you don't have enough for each cupple, just add them straight into the pitcher.

Adelyn drank hers out of the cinnamon stick and wanted seconds and thirds!

Also, while trying to bring a touch of Michigan cider mills to TN, we made some mini caramel apples. Thanks to a pin I saw on Pinterest.

Just a grape dipped into caramel rolled into nuts.