Sep 27, 2012

A Cupple with Sparkling Cider | Recipe

cup·ple  [kuhp-uhl] noun: a cup made out of an apple.

These are so easy to make, and would add such a cute touch to any fall festivity you have planned!

To make the apple cup:  Cut off the top of an apple. Use a melon baller to scoop out the inside, leaving about a 1/4" around the edge. Rub the edges with lemon juice to prevent the apple from browning
Easy peasy.

Sparkling Cider Recipe: 1 part cider. 1 part cranberry juice. 1 part sparkling water.

Add a cinnamon stick and VOILA!

*The cinnamon stick is pretty important, as it adds to the flavor of the sparkling cider. If you don't have enough for each cupple, just add them straight into the pitcher.

Adelyn drank hers out of the cinnamon stick and wanted seconds and thirds!

Also, while trying to bring a touch of Michigan cider mills to TN, we made some mini caramel apples. Thanks to a pin I saw on Pinterest.

Just a grape dipped into caramel rolled into nuts.