Feb 13, 2012

painted toast | getting a picky eater to eat.

nom nom

OK, so this is totally not my idea. My friend, Leah, posted a photo of her daughter eating “Painted Toast” yesterday morning on Facebook (one of the reasons why I havn’t deleted it)… I immediately commented and asked her where in the world she got it. She told me that it was just milk and food coloring, in which Taylor painted on. She also mentioned that she found the idea on Pinterest. WHAT! Why have I not seen it… I’m addicted to Pinterest!!!

Within minutes (seconds really!), I had the cups, milk and food coloring out. HAH.

So simple. All you need is:

    • food coloring
    • milk (we used vanilla almond milk… I’m sure water would work too, maybe not as good though)
    • paint brush
    • bread and toaster


Just add a few drops of food coloring into the milk, hand your little a paint brush and let them have fun.

lovin it

Pop the toast in the toaster to dry the masterpiece… add butter, and serve.

toast it

eat it

It was  HIT. And I have to say that the vanilla almond milk added an extra yummy factor


A simple way to liven up breakfast a bit. I’m always searching for ways to make things fun for the kids, and this was a great way to turn the ordinary into EXTRAoridinary.
(Maybe painted hearts for a V-Day breakfast in bed for the lover)

Adelyn has been a pretty picky eater lately. She’s been sick, so getting her to eat is like pulling teeth! I knew she’d have a blast with this… and did she ever. We might just have to make a habit out of painting toast on Sundays! Because she CHOWED it! Hmm… I wonder what else we could paint that she would eat?!

How do you get your picky eater to try new foods??

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Feb 1, 2012

pallets and crates | DIY inspiration

So I posted the other day about getting organized and finding a spot for everything. Since everyone loved my Suitcase and Ladders post so much, I figured I’d share some crate and pallet finds! Here are some of my pinspirations.


Left to right:via: SPS | cuartoderecha | NIBFine Craft Guild



Top Left: apartment therapy | Bottom Left: Living ETC| Middle: DOOR16 | Right: afton bladet

I really like the idea of stacking crates, maybe putting a divider in and making our own custom sized canvas bins for shoe storage. IDK, but I’m dying to repurpose a pallet into that cute kids bookshelf!! GAH. So many ideas, not enough time/space.

Feel free to share any pallet or crate projects you’ve done.



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