Jan 2, 2013

My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

I often get questions about what photo editing apps I use. I've tried dozens upon dozens, and have deleted most of them. I figured I'd share the ones I still have in my phone. These ones made the cut.

1. Instagram- I'm sure you already knew this. I mean, who doesn't have IG nowadays, besides Craig, because he's too cool for school. (@kristanlynn) It's becoming a huge social media tool for bloggers and even Etsy shops. I rarely use it to edit photo's, but when in a hurry, the valencia filter is my fav.

Usually, I'll take the picture with my the normal camera app and upload into:

2. Afterglow- A must have! It has tons of awesome filters and textures. The app filters are designed in Photoshop, so it's really an amazing app for phone pics! It has a cropping tool, fun borders and allows you to manipulate many things such as saturation, brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. 

Now I might leave it like that, or if I'm looking for more textures, I'll upload the  saved pic above into:

3. PicsPlay Pro- Awesome texture! It's the best bokeh effect app I've found (I've downloaded and paid for atleast a dozen)!

AND, we all know I like to over edit my photo's. HAH. So 9 times outta 10, I'll upload the above photo into:

4. LensLight- which has the best light leaks for tweaking images and adding depth.

If I want to collage images I use:

5. PicFrame- which has over 60 collage templates to choose from. I also use it to add text to my photo's.