Nov 27, 2012

DIY Keepsake Ornaments | a Christmas Gift

I have been planning these ornaments for awhile now. As Adelyn and I were searching for sea shells on our vacation, I envisioned them. And they turned out just as I imagined.

What you need:
clear glass bulb (Michael's or any craft store)
sand and sea shells (optional)
twine or ribbon (optional)
any other embellishment you can think of.

How I made them:
I started out by using this tutorial to print mini poloroids.

I poured a little sand into the glass bulb and added some tiny sea shells. (which we had saved from Siesta Key beach)
Gently roll the photo (like you would a treasure map) and insert into the bulb. 
Use tweezers to maneuver everything how you want it. I also used the end of a skinny paint brush to help move and flip things.
Add fabric or washi tape (in my case fabric tape) around the top and you're done.
It really is that easy! And it's the perfect Holiday gift for close friends and relative.

For the second ornament pictured, I just placed the photo into the bulb, and pushed a long string of jute inside using tweezer to manipulate it where I wanted.

If you wanted to display them all year, just place a cork in the top. I wrapped my cork with fabric tape, because it was a tad too small, after adding the tape it fit perfectly. You can glue a little washer on the bottom, which will keep it standing upright, or take a Frappuccino cap, wrap with fabric and set it in there (like pictured).

I hope you feel inspired to make your own special keepsake ornament! The possibilities are endless and you can really use anything that you can fit into the bulb.
I would love to see them if you make any, so feel free to share on Facebook.

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