Feb 1, 2012

pallets and crates | DIY inspiration

So I posted the other day about getting organized and finding a spot for everything. Since everyone loved my Suitcase and Ladders post so much, I figured I’d share some crate and pallet finds! Here are some of my pinspirations.


Left to right:via: SPS | cuartoderecha | NIBFine Craft Guild



Top Left: apartment therapy | Bottom Left: Living ETC| Middle: DOOR16 | Right: afton bladet

I really like the idea of stacking crates, maybe putting a divider in and making our own custom sized canvas bins for shoe storage. IDK, but I’m dying to repurpose a pallet into that cute kids bookshelf!! GAH. So many ideas, not enough time/space.

Feel free to share any pallet or crate projects you’ve done.



# kristanlynn