Sep 24, 2011

TuTu(torial): DIY Fabric TuTu

DIY fabric tutu 
I recently shared this project on The Wiegands. It’s so fun and pretty. So I HAD  to share it with all of you who who missed it. This fabric tutu is very easy to make and you can do it all, start to finish, in ONE nap time. BONUS: If you even semi-regularly sew, you’ll have everything you need.

scrap fabric
What you’ll need:
    • Scrap fabric
    • Elastic
    • Scissors to cut fabric (pinking shears if you have them)
    • Sewing machine to make waistband.

Step 1 
Making the TuTu:
As you can see from the picture, your strips do not need to be perfect, or even the same length. It adds character to your tutu. Some of the pieces we’re not long enough so I pieced them together with the sewing machine. My strips measured 20-22 inches with a few 17-19 inch strips thrown in. The width of my strips were somewhere around 1.5”.  (I did not use a ruler or measuring tape to cut my strips… all of them are uneven.)
Tip: If you have pinking shears, I would recommend using them to cut your strips, as it will keeping the fraying to a minimum

Step 2

For the elastic waistband, I used 1/2” elastic. The length of the elastic should match the measurement of your child’ waist.
Step 3
Now the only thing you have left to do is to tie your strips around the elastic band. (My daughters waist measure 18” and I used 42 strips)
I also added a few places of scrap tulle for fun. Make sure when you’re double knotting, you’re getting the knots some-what close to the center of the strip.

youre done
After your all done, you can go through and trim up the super long strips and make the whole thing even.
Adelyn loves it. I love it. I hope you love it!

You could use just a few different fabrics with matching tones and I’m sure it would be even cuter! Or add more tulle through out it to make it more “tutu”ish.


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Note: The strips will fray, but it adds more character. Like I said before, cutting the strips with pinking shears will minimize that fraying. I would NOT recommend washing this in the washing machine.
I’d love to see pictures of your finished fabric tutu’s.
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