May 23, 2012

DIY Mason Jar Tumbler Lid- In ONLY 3 Steps

I've been dying to get some of these tumbler lids since I saw them on Groopdealz May 3rd. After missing out on snatching up the deal, then shopping around the internet for them, I was discouraged, because they are ridiculously expensive!!! AND I couldn't find a tutorial on how the heck they were made. I knew they could be made on the cheap, just needed to figure out what that darn seal was!

Materials Needed:
Mason jar lid
Seal or Grommet
Drill and 3/8" drill bit
Wire cutter
How to do it:

1. Keep the lid on the mason jar, use the drill bit to drill a hole wherever you want.
2. You'll most likely have rough edges, so use the wire cutters to snip off any edges sticking out and try to make the hole as flat as possible.
3. Press, pinch and push the seal into the hole, carefully.

VOILA! You're done.

Just make sure you wash the mason jar and lid good to get rid of any debris.
TIP: Use the same jar, just new lids while making holes.
Now I have to be honest, if it wasn't for the guys at Lowes, I would have never figured this out on my own, so really all credit for this post goes to them! I figured I could use a drill bit for the hole, but I was lost when it came to what type of seal was being used. After rambling on about what I was looking for, I finally found the email to show them what I wanted to make. I kind of felt stupid when they had a "duh" look on their face and lead me right to the type of seals I needed. You can see them here.  They were in those little drawers that line the wall where you walk in (at least in ours)... I swear the sign above them said Automotive Parts, but looking at the part number online it looks like they are an electrical supply.

So after the Lowe's man helped me pick out the size, I then had to put my pride aside and ask what size drill bit I should use. HAH. I figured it would be 1/4" since that's the diameter of the seal we picked, but I was wrong, he said he'd go with a 3/8". (OK, so I actually bought both; what he recommended ANDD the 1/4" cause I totally didn't believe him.... he was right!  And turns out I didn't need them after all, cause Craig had them in his tool bag, oh well, I'm glad I asked!)

The most HILARIOUS (sarcasm) part of this encounter: When Craig came home from work, I showed him the new lids. He didn't seem as thrilled as I was, so I told him how much they sell for online. His reply was "and what did you pay for those grommets, like .10 cents"
WHAT! YOU KNEW WHAT THESE THINGS WERE CALLED AND DIDN'T TELL ME! Where were you weeks ago when I was searching and searching for them?!
haha.... guess I should have asked him first, huh.

These lids are prefect for any of your parties or backyard BBQ's. Maybe even an outdoor summer wedding, adding paper straws in the wedding colors?! Best part is it keeps those pesky summer bugs out of your drink. They're great for toddlers too. 

Please Note: these lids are not 100% leak proof, when layed on it's side there is a little dribble that comes out of the seal.

If you'd rather purchase these lids instead of making them, you can check them out on Etsy here.


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