Jul 2, 2012

Business Card Display | DIY

My business cards just lay on my desk, and half of them end up getting scattered and lost. I've been wanting to make a holder for them for everrrr, and yesterday I finally did!

What I used:
Altoids tin, some lace, twine, a few strips of washi tape for decorating the  outside and making the mini bunting.
(The washi with the writing "love it - want it" is actually from the SMASH line. I got it on sale for $1 at Target!)

It was super fast and easy to whip up, using only tape! That's the fun with decorating with washi, there's no cutting or gluing, just rip and place. 
To adhere the lace, I covered the inner-top with washi tape- then covered that washi with strips of double sided tape. Lay on the strips of lace (starting at the bottom), press firmly and there you have it.
The bunting is just a piece of twine with strips of washi folded over, then cut into shapes.

It's perfect, because I need my cards out and easy to access daily, since I add them to all of the orders from the shop. It's more of a display than a holder, which will be great at all those indie craft shows I plan on attending (::sigh:: one day).

Altoids tins are GREAT for repurposing projects! Check out my Pinterest board full of fun inspiration. My favorite pin so far is this Travel Painting Kit! Just a NOTE: I'm not the first person to think of using an Altoids tin as a business card holder, I've been seeing them everywhere... but they're not a new idea either... just check out creativeKISMET's holder from over 3 years ago!

I'm totally loving the new kraft business cards and just as happy with the little quotes on the back of each card (except for the missing E at the end of Shakespeare... which I photoshopped in so I wasn't bombarded with emails... ya win some, ya lose some. hah)

What do you think?
What's your favorite way to repurpose an Altoids tin?