Nov 28, 2011

DSLR’s and flash | Bouncing Light

camera busiess card words
image source: DIYPhotography

Awhile back, I was browsin’ Pinterest and happened upon this wonderful idea from DIYPhotography! A DIY Party Bouncer. I would love to have all that fancy photography equipment, but I don’t. And since I haven’t invested in a new flash, this works great. I get lots of emails asking for tips on DSLRS… so I felt the need to share it!

Check out the flash vs. party bouncer pictures:

adelyn flash

salts flash

Now, it’s not professional, but looks hella better than that using that darned flash. Dontchya think? Hopefully you see a difference. HAH.

Just cut slits in the side of any business card or piece of cardstock and slide it on. You could even just hold a folded piece of paper at a 45 degree angle, which is what I did for the second set of photo’s.

Go try it out and tell me what you think.

# kristanlynn