Nov 12, 2011

Put a QR code on your Business Cards

QR codes are taking over. They are on streets signs, in magazines, posted on walls. It’s like a UPC on steroids. Lets say your reading a magazine, and you see an item you really want, instead of trying to get online and look for it, you just scan the QR code with your smartphone, and it takes you right to where you can purchase it online. It’s taken over Japan, and is quickly catching on in the US.

You can easily make your own. Whether it’s for your shop, blog, Facebook or twitter. You’re literally only a few clicks away from making it easier for your customers/readers to visit you.

Check out the new business cards:

qr code

bus card

How can you make yours??

    • visit QRStuff
    • enter your url.
    • Then click download image.

It’s that easy and FREE. Then upload the image to wherever you create your business cards, VOILA!

I made one for the shop, blog, FB and Twitter. I was invited by Etsy to be a part of the West Elm craft show (eeekkkk!!!).  So I will be printing all four QR codes and displaying them at my table for passerby’s to connect with me instantly.

The codes in my business cards measure .75” x .75”. I thought they might be too small, but they scan just fine. I make my own business cards by using Picnic and cutting out the circles with my Silhouette.

business cards

So, what are you waiting for?? Go make your QR code and join in on the latest technology!

# kristanlynn


Major thanks to Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous for introducing me to QR codes! You can see her step by step picture tutorial here.