Oct 15, 2011

Burlap Pumpkins | Tutorial

burlap pumpkins

So, I’ve been seeing fabric pumpkins all over Pinterest. I knew I wanted to make some, but I wanted to put my own twist on them- burlap. I found this tutorial last year, and used it as a base. Since I used burlap, I had to make a few changes, but it’s pretty much the same process she did. They’re super easy to make!


    • Burlap
    • Yarn
    • Yarn Needle
    • Fiber Fill
    • Thread and Neede (or sewing machine if you’re laze like me)
    • Hot Glue Gun

Please excuse my horrid pictures, I snapped most of them at night and our house has very poor night lighting!


First you want to cut your burlap, you want it twice as long as it is wide.

My measurements were:
10 x 20 | 8 x 16 | 6 x 12

Next you need to fold the piece of burlap length wise in half and sew  it up, forming a tube.

074 075

Since we’re using burlap, and it likes to fray like CRAZY, I went back and finished the edge with a zig zag stitch.

Take one of the open edges of your tube and sew it together, again going back and finishing the edge with a zig zag stitch. (This will be the bottom)


You should have something that resembles a pillow case now. Go ahead and zig zag stitch around the top open edge:

084 085

Now we’re done with the sewing machine.

Take your yarn and yard needle. Along the bottom sew a basting stitch with your yarn. Tie a knot at the beginning (leaving 2 inches of excess yarn, this will help you close up the gather in the next step)086

When you get to the end, don’t tie it, you want to pull and gather your bottom edge, then tie it with the excess 2 inches of yarn you left at the start:

088 089

Turn it right side out and fill with filling. Once you have enough filling in there, you’re going to do another basting stitch around the top (again, tie a knot at the beginning, leaving some excess yarn). Then just pull the yarn and tie it together, forming a ball:

090 091

Here’s what it should look like at this point:


Let make it look like a pumpkin!

Take a long piece of yarn and your needle, pull it through the center of your sphere, leave a 2 inch tail, turn the needle around and go back through the center.

094 095

You should have your tail, and your long piece of string now, pull them tight so the center starts to pinch. Tie in a knot.


Then bring the needle/yarn up the side and through the middle again (needle goes top to bottom). Pull tight (as tight as you can without ripping the yarn) This is what forms your pumpkin.

097 098

Keep doing this all the way around your sphere until it takes the shape of a pumpkin. When you get to your last one, just tie it with the tail you left, and snip the excess.


For the stem, I just took strips of burlap, rolled them up and hot glued them, like so:

099 102

To attach them, just put a bunch of hot glue on the bottom of your stem, and on the top of your pumpkin and hold down for a few seconds.

103 104

There ya go. You’re done.



I’m horrible at explaining things, so feel free to email me with any questions!

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